NEW 2022 TYCROP 53' EASTERN SPIF QUAD AXLE walking floor trailer

TYCROP 53′ Eastern SPIF Quad Axle Walking Floor

YEAR: 2022
CATEGORY: Walking Floors
AXLES: 4 axles
SUSPENSION: Hendrickson Galvanized INTRAAX AAT25K, 72” spread, Duralite hubs, cast drums.
WIDTH: 102″ Overall, 99″ inside
HEIGHT: 13’7″ Overall on a 49″ coupler height.

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Specialized Trailers carries Tycrop Walking Floor Trailers because we know they are the best designed and toughest trailers on the market today. Built in Chilliwack, BC for over 40 years, Tycrop Walking Floor trailers are configured for all jurisdictions in North America. We also purchase and accept trade-ins of all used makes and models.

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WIDTH: 102″ Overall, 99″ inside
HEIGHT: 13’ 7″ Overall on a 49″ coupler height.
VOLUME: 3,955 Cu ft.
KING PIN: 36” setting, Bolted HD coupler plate
CONSTRUCTION: Front and sides: Hollow Core, Extruded Aluminum, SmoothFlow interlocking   panels, welded to alum. bottom rail. Internal ribs on 2.9” centers.   Individual panels are replaceable without dismantling trailer.
CROSSMEMBERS: 5” Aluminum “J” beam on 12” centers with bolted alum X-   bracing.
SUBFRAME: Aluminum H beam, bolted to crossmembers to prevent cracking.
LIVE FLOOR: Keith HD 3.5” Drive with (26) 2190 6 ridge, alum U tube subfloor. Full   length splash bearings.
COUPLERS: New Line NS56 series
MAN DOOR: 36” x 36” Middle front wall
FRONT CLEANOUT: Hinged HD 45 Degree Alum slope for easy cleanout.
REAR DOOR: HD, hollow core aluminum double swing door with HD stainless steel cam   locks, one per door
TOP RAILS: Aluminum 45 Degree top rails for easy clean off, 3 steel
CATWALK: Aero-dynamic, fully enclosed front mount with flip up access.
TARP: Manual side roll tarp from catwalk
LADDER: Aluminum up to catwalk.
LANDING GEAR: Holland Mark V, two speed crank on driver’s side with 10” sand   shoes.
SUSPENSION: Hendrickson Galvanized INTRAAX AAT25K, 72” spread, Duralite hubs, cast   drums.
4th LIFT AXLE: Ridewell SPIF compliant lift/steer   with 385 super single tire, Alcoa wheel
ABS: Meritor/Wabco 2 axles sensed
AIR GAUGE: Front wall drivers side.
WHEELS/TIRES: Alcoa 22:5 alum wheels with Michelin XZE2 11:00R 22:5 tires
FENDERS: Black plastic over tridem, alum over 4th lift axle
BUMPER: Bolt on knife blade style, pusher/tipper
PAINT: Aluminum natural. All steel primed and painted Silver.
CONSPICUITY: Reflexite type.
WEIGHT: 21,820 lbs. + – 2%