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From the oil patch to the farm, we can help you get what you need to do the job efficiently and profitably.

Click below to explore the different kinds of specialized trailers we sell!

These versatile trailers are designed to self-unload bulk products such as wood chips, wood by-products, grains, refuse, peat moss, and more. They provide the highest cubic capacity in a self-unloading system and are available in multiple axle configurations for different jurisdictions, including B-Trains.

Specialized Trailers carries Tycrop Walking Floor Trailers because we know they are the best designed and toughest trailers on the market today. Built in Chilliwack, BC for over 40 years, Tycrop Walking Floor trailers are configured for all jurisdictions in North America. We also purchase and accept trade-ins of all used makes and models.

These tipper-style trailers are available in multiple configurations, ranging from flat-floors to possum bellies to Super-B flow-through trains. Chip trailers are ideal for all types of wood products including sawdust shavings, wood chips, and hawg fuel.

With many of our customers chipping in the bush, we know that their equipment must be able to withstand severe conditions. That is why we stand behind Tycrop’s Chip Trailer line-up, because they build them to last 20+ years in these tough environments.

Live Bottom Trailers come in many different configurations depending on application. They are available in stainless steel, steel, aluminum, and truck bodies.

Aluminum belt-out trailers are very versatile, they are primarily used for grain, feed, and agri-products but high-cube models are also well-suited for wood chips and shavings. Heavy-duty steel belt-out trailers are designed for hauling gravel, asphalt, and rock products.

Specialized Trailers carries IMCO Steel and Aluminum Live Bottom Trailers and Equipment. Built in Rupert, Idaho since 1972 these trailers are built maximize payload.

Also knows as floats or low-boys, Lowbed Trailers are designed to haul oversized and heavy payloads, from 35-ton to 100-ton plus. Lowbed trailers are available in various custom configurations including double-drop, sliding-axle, recovery trailers, and more.

We carry Doepker’s Heavy Haul line of trailers, which have been built for the Canadian market for over 40 years.

While there are many different types of Tanker Trailers, here at Specialized Trailers we have focused on Dry Bulk, Pneumatic Tankers. These trailers are generally used for bulk products like cement, flour, frack sand, plastics, etc. They are available in Super-B and multi-axle configurations and can be built from aluminum or steel.

We have worked with Raglan Trailers for 25+ years and can custom build a Raglan Pneumatic Tanker Trailer to your exact requirements.

Hopper Trailers are designed for grain products, fertilizers, or fracking sand. Filled from the top, the product is unloaded from the belly of the trailer via gravity. Therefore, a big advantage of a hopper trailer versus an end-dump trailer is safety – they don’t fall over.

Available in steel and aluminum, the Maxxim Hopper Trailer is designed and built for Canadian trucking operations to maximize payload.


Do you need something more than what we current offer in our inventory? Something customized to your very specialized needs?

Here’s a quick tour of what a typical trailer is made of. When you’re ready to build your own trailer, click on the button below to start the process!


From the oil patch to the farm, we can help get you what you need to do the job efficiently and profitably.

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